Step 1: Connect to the SGH BrokerBay Account through TRREB

Step 2: Download the BrokerBay App to your smart device

Step 3: Watch training videos to learn how to use BrokerBay to manage your business

*Staff & Agent Chat Tool, Manage Showing & Offer Instructions, Customize Feedback Requests & More! *


You have access to the full BrokerBay system for training purposes only right now.  We are not actively using BrokerBay until January 25th, 2022.  As such, please do not book showings, register offers, message agents, etc. in BrokerBay until our launch date of January 25th.

Visit the SGH YouTube channel to view short how-to videos created by your management team.

Each video has written instructions/a link to written instructions in the comments section.

Watch a 1-hour overview video created by BrokerBay

Access the BrokerBay Help Centre for written instructions, FAQ's & troubleshooting tips.


If the videos and help centre have not answered your questions please reach out to:

Theresa Hellyer

905-922-3030 (M-F 9:00 - 5:00)

Lindsay Barlow